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Tomica Wright- Ruthless Records- Paper Chasers Interview Pt. 1 (2002)

Tomica Wright- Ruthless Records- Paper Chasers hip-hop documentary film interview Pt. 1 (2002). In this clip, Tomica speaks about her early days in the music business and first meeting her future husband, rapper/CEO Eazy-E.

In Memory Of James “Buddad” Collier, My First Sensei

Yoi and Buddad at our old house on Yellow Rose Ct. in Columbia, 1978.

Today is our brother Mar-Yoi’s 41st birthday, as well as that of our late grandfather, James Robert “Bud Dad” Collier.

Despite limited high school education, Bud Dad was an exceptional mechanic, tinker and arm chair inventor.

I just wanted to take a moment in this cyber platform and big-up my Grandfather, one of the most influential people in my life.

While I know of short periods of time when Buddad and Grandmom lived other places, I don’t ever recall NOT knowing Buddad as a part of my life. He was always there with a loving smile, patience, and Little Debbie treat. Driving us around town, back and forth to Tennessee.

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The Son Of The Son Of The Sons Of Countrymen…

During our many walks and bike rides, I share my childhood and family memories with my son.

I am a man blessed to be able to say that I was raised by an exceptionally loving and committed father. But for me, as a non-custodial parent, living hundreds of miles away from my son, it has taken much effort and special techniques to try to teach my son some of the history and traditions that were routine when I was growing up.

Over the years, I’ve so often had to battle for visitation, for the right to bring him to be with me and my family. Along the way, elders have grown old and passed on, without him ever having a chance to meet them. Yet today, I am proud that Jah-Sun is well versed in his heritage.

Pops and his tribe, the late 1980s. My dad had 8 children, 7 who where in his care for all of his life.

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Maxie Collier Of Urban Freelancers Speaks On Perspective

This is an excerpt from “RISE OF THE DRONES: UAV Business And Career Opportunities” In this clip, Maxie Collier, founder of Urban Freelancers, discusses the new perspective offered by drones.

Maxie D. Collier explains Crowd Source Funding with Christian Nelson.

Maxie D. Collier explains Crowd Source Funding with Christian Nelson.

The Self-Publishing Case Study #1- “The IFILM Digital Video Filmmaker’s Handbook”

The original DV Filmmaker’s Website Homepage, 1999.

In the Fall of 1998, I launched a simple e-mail newsletter and website that would ultimately change my life and lead to works that have influenced tens of thousands of people. “The DV Filmmaker’s Report” and the companion website, were one of the first online resources devoted to consumer digital filmmaking. In the months that followed, the newsletter grew into a 360 page self-published book, the original Digital Video Filmmaker’s Handbook.

By the Spring of ’99, my email list had more than 5,000 subscribers and I had sold hundreds of books, directly from my website. A few months later, I signed an unprecedented 50/50 publishing deal with one of the earliest Internet video companies, IFILM Networks.

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